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Frequently Asked Questions
‘City Gateway gives you the opportunity to get the work experience that you don't get anywhere else.’
These are the most frequently asked questions about apprenticeships, traineeships and other training offered by City Gateway Trust. If you have any other questions, please email us at
What kind of apprenticeships are available?
We offer paid apprenticeships available in departments such as HR, Administration, Information Technology and Finance in corporate companies such as Man Group, Clifford Chance and Sidley Austin.
Why can’t I do an apprenticeship straightaway?
Everyone is different, some people are ready to start work right away, others need more training before they can apply for apprenticeships. Whichever programme you start with, if you put in the effort, you will have the chance to work for some of the world’s most famous corporate companies.
What is a traineeship?
A traineeship will get you ready for work or apprenticeships. You will develop the skills and qualities needed to do well in the workplace and to help you succeed in interviews. Learning is practical and is made up of a mix of classroom activities, visits and work placements with companies such as IBM.
How much can I earn on an apprenticeship?
Salaries vary but most apprenticeships tend to start on the London living or national minimum wage. Don’t forget that you are building up valuable skills in some of the elite city companies. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to increase your wage by working hard and building up your skills once you complete your apprenticeship.
Is it part of City Gateway College?
No. We are not linked to City Gateway College, which is now called South Quay College. At City Gateway we focus on training our learners to access exciting opportunities in the world of work. Our students, typically aged between 16-24, are keen to change their circumstances by developing new career opportunities.
Is it like going back to school or college?
No, we treat you as adults and we are teaching you the practical skills needed for work and your future career like group work and interview skills.

What if I can’t manage the work on the programme?
During your enrolment, we assess your level and find exactly the right programme for you. Our tutors are trained so that we don’t leave anyone behind, and you will have an individual coach to support you all the way through your time at City Gateway.
Will I get the support I need?
Absolutely, we are passionate about helping you make the most of opportunities and providing a gateway to the world of work.

Why should I attend City Gateway?
At City Gateway, all the learning is focused on skills that will help you develop the career you want. We focus on three key areas:

Employability: This covers the specific skills you will need to work in organisations in the city. Depending on the programme, you might do anything from setting up an enterprise project, learning how to give presentations or improving your digital skills. You will also participate in a placement with our employers for between 4-6 weeks depending on the programme.

Enrichment: We offer a range of interesting experiences to help you develop as an individual, and become a more well-rounded person. Nowhere else would you be taking part in a discussion on the music industry one day, then going into a blue chip company for interview preparation next.

Coaching: When you join City Gateway, you will have access to a progression coach who will focus on you as an individual and help you on a one-to-one basis for a year. Your coach can help motivate you and share work opportunities. Some opportunities are only available to learners who have been on City Gateway programmes.
How many days do I have to come in?
For traineeships, programmes are typically two days a week unless you are on work placement. If you are on work placement, you will have to go in five days per week as with most jobs. Most apprenticeships are full time.
City Gateway traineeships are starting in January, complete our application form now for a call back.