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Apprenticeships & Training
City Gateway’s Apprenticeship & Training programme prepares young people aged 16–24 for employment, through training, coaching and placements with top employers.
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Our apprentice Shayon secured a placement with NSPCC, watch this video to learn more:

Whether you’ve got a clear picture of where you are heading, want a different future, or aren’t too sure what the next step looks like, we’d love to meet you.
Current Opportunities:
18 years experience in the local community has shown us what it takes to succeed:
Level up with the right qualifications and skills to get to where you want to be.
Try your hand at a work experience placement with a global employer, such as IBM and gain experience vital for the workplace.
Combine practical work experience and study, whilst earning a wage.
You’ll be supported on your journey by one of our dedicated coaches, helping you to achieve your potential.
‘Before City Gateway there was a lot I didn’t have in terms of skills… I guess you could say I had low self-esteem… Joining City Gateway doing courses and training with them I grew in confidence and I was able to find out about skills I didn’t have necessarily.’
If you’re 16–24 and want to join a course, you can apply by clicking on the button below. Alternatively you can send your name, date of birth and postcode to our team:

0203 727 6234