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Zach’s Story
*Photography represents City Gateway, but does not depict the individual featured in the story.

When Zach came to City Gateway, he was 3 years old but completely unable to express himself verbally – his response to anyone other than Mum was to scream and cry uncontrollably.
‘Prior to attending Gateway Tots, we were living a very difficult, joyless and reclusive life, struggling with one major problem after another and I found it very hard to trust anyone.’
Mum is a single parent, the family was living in temporary housing, and due to the severity of Zach’s social and communication difficulties, Mum had been unable to find a play session or nursery provision that she felt confident leaving him with.

The family worker at City Gateway came alongside Mum and worked with her to build a trusting relationship, which led to Zach joining the playgroup.
‘Staff’s countless praises and reassurances about Gateway Tots' nursery, finally helped me to build the courage and trust and eventually put my dearest little boy in to your safe hands – I am extremely grateful that I did!’
Since then Zach has blossomed in both confidence and his social and communication skills- he now comes and gives known adults hugs, plays cooperatively with other children and speaks in 3 – 4 word phrases and sentences. He even says hello to new adults!

‘Zach has learnt so much in the little time he has spent at Gateway Tots, overcoming many boundaries and hurdles. You have helped him towards building a great and bright future.’

Zach now has a diagnosis of Autism, and an Education and Health Care Plan that will ensure he receives extra support as he goes to school. He has been accepted into a lovely primary school with links to a special school that will be able to meet his needs. Mum is ready to engage and trust other professionals, and she has offered to work with us as a volunteer to support other parents in their own journeys.
‘Gateway Tots has indeed been his second home because of all the support, care, trust and patience you have shown and the early years education you have provided.’
*Photography represents City Gateway, but does not depict the individual featured in the story