Our Impact

  • OUR APPROACH - is underpinned through early intervention strategies that tackle the root causes of the social and economic inequalities our communities are at risk of facing.
  • HIGHLY TARGETED - to specific groups to ensure that with limited resources we maximise long-term impact. Increasing evidence shows that early intervention has the greated impact in the long-term.
  • WHOLE PERSON PRIORITY - to offer contiuous support to our service user community so that they are enabled to respond to, and benefit from, their changing environments.
  • WHOLE COMMUNITY FOCUS - to enable powerful partnerships between business and community in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes in a cohesive society.


The Service User must must benefit from one or more of the following:

  • A stronger foundation for learning at school;
  • An easier transition into adulthood;
  • Better job prospects;
  • Healthier relationships;
  • Improved mental and physical health

CHILDREN (Under 5s)

Since opening our Early Years provision, we have supported the development of many local children aged 0-5 and as a direct result of meeting their needs we have enabled many of their parents to commit to their own developmental -employment and education – needs.

CHILDREN (Under 5s)

“By intervening early in the lives of at-risk individuals, whether they are a child in the early years provision or a young person, City Gateway keeps many from socially and personally costly life choices.”
Independent Economic Impact Study 2016


Since we were founded in 1999, we have developed hundreds of corporate partnerships. Through vocational learning, traineeship and apprenticeship programmes, we work with our corporate partners to enable them to develop parts of their workforce sourced specifically from the local communities within which they are based. Our partners include organisations such as IBM, Citigroup and London Stock Exchange.

Since 2013, City of London authority have contracted out their Youth Work provision to City Gateway – our outreach work within the City of London authority area continues to help hundreds of young people each year.


“For every £1 invested in each of our learner’s education, they receive £5.90 in higher future wages. This equates to a 16.3% return per annum.”
Independent Economic Impact Study 2016


Since 2007, our early intervention language courses have provided women with essential English language skills, thereby removing related barriers in regard to education, health, employment, social mobility and improving community integration. Our vocational programme enables women to progress into paid employment and/or further education.


“City Gateway provides an excellent environment for women to meet new people and make friends, while participation in early intervention language courses and vocational programmes improves their self-confidence and promotes their mental health.”
Independent Economic Impact Study 2016